Welcome to the Church of the Ascension

The Church of the Ascension is a wonderful community oasis that has been serving the people Greenpoint and Williamsburg communities since 1846.

Whether you are rich, poor, a city slicker, country bumpkin, a new arrival to the area or life long brooklynite; liberal or conservative, straight, gay or somewhere in between, filled with doubts or certain in your faith; whether arriving alone or with a boatload of kids there is a place for for your unique being at Ascension. Please join us as we try to love God through loving our neighbor as ourselves.


This year we were able to provide a community meals for about 200 people who dined at the Church of the Ascension as well as another 250 meals for the homeless veterans over on Borden Avenue. This is possible because many people came together to do this. The following is a list of some of those who helped in big ways in terms of donating food and money. There are numerous others who volunteered and we thank each of you as well. The order of the names is random and links to businesses and organizations are blue and live. Support those who support community!

John Ricco owner of Grandma Roses (cooking and organizing)

Josh Cohen of Anella and Jimmy’s Diner (cooking and organizing)

The Greenpoint Lions Club (money)

Broadway Stages and Tony and Gina Argento owners (money, food donations and cooking)

Fortune Metal (turkeys)

St. Stan’s American Legion Post (People Power moving food and cooking)

Greenpoint Reformed Church (turkeys)

Neil Sheehan of Outreach (turkeys, logistics and moral support)

Sunday Services are 11am and 5pm

Coming to a new church or back to church can be daunting as we often have  expectations, hopes and various kinds of “baggage”. If you have recently come back or are thinking about it feel free to contact the clergy Rev. John Merz for a casual conversation about things at ascensionbrooklyn@gmail.com

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